Matthew Joseph Payne

by Matthew Joseph Payne

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Eliot Lash
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Eliot Lash This album took me by surprise and roped me in with its antique beauty and not-so-antique sense of the unbalanced and self-destructive future of humanity. The harmonies cut their way into my soul, and I want them to stay there. This album is a thing of beauty. Favorite track: The Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices pt. 1.


This tape was released in a limited fashion to support the debut performance of Matthew Joseph Payne's own musical material on Thursday February 25th, 2010 at the Starry Plough in Berkeley, California.

It consists of a combination of demo and rehearsal recordings of said material, edited together into a facsimile of the set performed on that date.


released February 25, 2010

The Players

Jocelyn Bentley-Prestwich: vocals, oboe, percussion
Jason Countryman: vocals, electric piano, electric guitar, 8-string tenor ukelele
André Custodio: percussion (TKoIMD, Fish God)
Brandon Martinez: percussion (Pewter Handles)
Matt Payne: vocals, autoharp, bass guitar, trombone, saw, accordion, electronics
Andrew Wilke: trumpet, flugelhorn, electric piano
Kevin Yuen: bariton guitar, percussion, graphic design

The Music Movers

Ken Mahru: engineering (TKoIMD, Fish God), mixing (all)
Fernando Flores: engineering and mixing (Pewter Handles)
Matt Payne: composition, arranging, production, "engineering" (CBD, PCTaPFT)




Matthew Joseph Payne Oakland, California

unusual songs about humanity and its relationship with its mechanical creations

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Track Name: Pewter Handles
Some thirty-odd years apart,
pins, posts and arteries intertwined
and intermingled with
all fourteen of us.

You walk on sprained ankle
back to the house you were born in,
your head pummeled and habroneme,
shows us what you've done.

Our view here is unobscured,
and now we know that yours is too
filled up with lacerating tails
of demons and ties that
bind you to the past and we
are here to set you free with
these scissors with pewter handles
that you've never seen before.
Track Name: Cherry Blossums Dance
Love is a bomb in your heart,
ready to explode on you anytime.
You and me belong together
like two peas in a pod.
Being with you is like staying on cloud nine.

The sun smiles as it rises above the city,
the cherry blossums dance in the wind freely.

Both of these things describe you well.
My heart, overwhelmed by the sight of you,
taps a wild beat inside my chest!
Bum bum bum!

The hole where my heart once laid hurts,
for you have stolen my heart.
Darling, the bomb in my heart has exploded...
Track Name: Fish God
Getting a head start on regret,
a thousand boldfaced pages of text,
a labor of love.

For you to go and find the truth,
the throng will mock and ridicule you,
a labor of love.

Something for you that you need to continue.
Something for you that you might find within you.